Our Story

do good! goods was founded on three guiding principles: patriotism, environmentalism, and sustainable business practices. We partner with artisans to identify and develop products that capitalize on regionally available resources made from recycled, re-purposed or environmentally friendly components. We focus on creating a sustainable source of income for people living in the most economically depressed areas of America.

Our product lines are earth friendly, high quality, hand-made goods that leverage a simple concept – repurposing materials is not only good for the environment, but allows our artisan entrepreneurs to realize a higher profit margin on the products they sell. 

Our goal is to create product manufacturing practices that minimize the impact on the environment through the reduction of waste.

Some companies donate a portion of their profits to charity.  While that is admirable, the focus of do good! goods is to provide the tools and training to Americans living in impoverished areas in the United States to become artisans and small business owners in their own right.  We are not a charity and we are not a work program. We are a business. We foster entrepreneurship opportunities as a for-profit business for a reason. We want to demonstrate that doing business in America can be a profitable venture.

do good! goods is good for Americans, good for our economy, and good for the environment. 

do good! goods is good business.